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1. Please do not steal and/or redistribute commissioned icons. I understand that these are mere crops of artwork that are not mine to begin with, but someone did commission me to crop and edit these images specifically for them. I suppose I can't police the internet and people will take them if they want, but don't be surprise if I (or my commissioners) politely as you to take them down.

2. If you commission icons from me, please credit back to this journal ([personal profile] lum) in your keywords. It's good for business. :)

3. I accept constructive criticism on any and all of my icons! I am always looking for ways to improve. All I ask is that you be polite. Be polite to me and I will be polite to you!

4. Since my commissions posts ask for e-mails/names/Paypal info/etc., comments to all my commissions posts are screened for privacy.

5. I only accept Paypal. No exceptions.

6. Payment is due upfront. I hate to sound harsh or demanding, but you probably don't like it when people waste your time, so please don't waste mine.

7. You must provide your own source images. I may be able to make accommodations for canons with very little source material and help you search for screencaps/official art/etc myself. Just ask. :)

8. Turn-around time is currently 1-2 days. This may change depending on how many commissions I have going at once. I am generally very quick with my icon making, but I do have IRL obligations and responsibilities which will always come first. If an order is going to be delayed, I will notify you ASAP and give you a time frame in which to expect your icons.

9. From time to time, I will post icons to this journal that are free for the taking. I only ask that you credit this journal in your keywords, as with any other icons I make.

10. I am currently not accepting commissions for colored manga icons. This will be changing in the near future. Just keep in mind that due to the extra work that goes into cleaning and coloring manga panels, the turnaround time may be longer, and the pricing may be higher.

11. As far as content goes, no need to worry there. I will icon anything! Het/yaoi/yuri, NSFW, gore, you name it, I'll do it. I will not icon fanart for money. I apologize for advertising this with my samples before.

You may also use this post to ask me questions! Comments are screened by default.

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Regular Icon Samples



$0.50 USD for 1 icon
$5 USD for 15 icons
$10 USD for 30 icons
$15 USD for 45 icons
$20 USD for 70 icons
$25 USD for 100 icons

Manga Coloring Samples (Currently Unavailable)


Please make sure you have read the rules here before continuing to the actual commission post.


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After acquainting yourself with the rules and pricing posts, you may make your request for commissions here!

Please fill out this form and post it in a comment here:

Once you have completed this form, you can use this handy dandy button for payment, if you like:


My e-mail for PayPal is :)

(Once these are filled, there will be a short waiting time!)
1. Kouga (5 icons)

Current turn-around time: 1-2 days

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